Hi! I’m Anne Merrill and I’m an herbalist.

As a wellness practitioner, my life’s work is to promote healthy structure and function in people, and also in social and ecological systems. My constant guiding curiosities are the weeds that grow in the cracks and the other wonders hidden in plain sight.

Here’s more about me and my training.

Private Consultation Online
Plant Walks in Berlin

Photograph of a smiling woman holding a mug, standing in grass next to goldenrod
Hey! Let’s go outside and talk about plants!

And here are some free resources so you can get to know me, my style, and my take on things.

Podcast Interview: This Podcast is a Ritual: How To Talk To Plants

Youtube Video: Tip: To Keep Vegetables Fresh Longer

What do you want help with? We can talk about:

  • Your personal health and wellness plan
  • Your garden and wildcrafting situation – ID, cultivation, harvest plan
  • Ecological impact analysis – home, diet, transportation, activism
  • Kitchen makeover – we can go through your cabinets and declutter
  • Herbal formulation (for home/community/gift use, *not* commercial products)
  • Historical and bioregional accuracy for the herbalist character in your book, game, or story
  • Your herbalism study plan and community wellness practice
  • German language, culture, herbalism, travel, immigration
  • Digital hygiene: empowering use of internet technologies, open source, etc

Or any combination of these!