I give good advice.

My main areas of expertise are herbalism and other low-tech wellness therapies, including massage, personal training, nutrition, and nature guiding. I have a social science and liberal arts background, which gives me a broad perspective, scientific literacy, critical thinking skills, and the ability to help you frame your challenges within sociopolitical and ecological contexts.

Howdy plant people!

Here are some highlights of my education and experience.

Clinical Herbalist

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

Michael Moore is my biggest influence as an herbalist. Like me, he started from “what is that plant?” and followed his curiosity from there. Working mainly within the very open framework of the American Eclectic herbal tradition, his teaching focused on bioregional herbs and careful observation of physiological processes, supporting nervous system balance and healthy functioning of organ systems. These themes remain the core of my herbal practice to this day.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Austin Community College

Seeking a framework for supporting lifestyle change, I completed the Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Program at ACC, which included coursework in nutrition, exercise science and exercise program design, as well as anatomy and physiology and health psychology. For a couple of years I worked in gyms and with private clients, during which time I became confident in my ability to customize programs to meet individual needs.

Wellness Massage Therapist

Texas Healing Arts Institute

Before the pandemic I was working mainly as a wellness massage therapist. I chose Texas Healing Arts Institute for my core bodywork education specifically because the lead instructors took an open approach, teaching us to think through a therapeutic strategy, incorporating a wide range of techniques and frameworks depending on the needs of our clients.