When describing my bodywork style, clients often say that I am intuitive. It’s funny to me, because from my perspective I am very grounded in material reality and basic felt perception. Before I studied massage therapy I was already a personal fitness trainer. I have a deep understanding of biomechanics and muscle balance, as well as the intricate relationship between the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, and the fascial web that envelopes and connects all the tissues of the body. My bodywork is rooted in functional physiology and techniques stemming from what I think of broadly as “the Esalen school”, although I have never been to the Esalen Institute itself.

Anne Louise Merrill

Wellness Massage Therapist
since 2012

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Bodywork practices are cultural forms and my interdisciplinary background in liberal arts and social sciences informs my holistic approach. I have great respect for people who work strictly within a particular tradition, and I have learned much from studying with such practitioners in styles ranging from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to Thai Nuad Bo-Rarn to Russian Sports Massage to contemporary fascial focus work. The big theoretical frame I return to is the American Eclectic tradition, which served as the foundation for my primary teacher, the herbalist Michael Moore. The central tenets of this school are to draw from a wide variety of sources, incorporate the practices that best serve the client, and to avoid using potentially harmful substances and practices.

What does that all mean for you as a bodywork client?

No pain during the massage.

Bodywork does not have to be painful to be effective. Instead of forcing, I coax. I want your body to trust my hands. This approach gives longer lasting better results, because it teaches your body to move toward ease and comfort.

Improved function.

Wellness practices support healthy structure and function. My goal in each session is that you leave with greater capacity for healthy movement patterns.

Deeper self knowledge.

At conscious and unconscious levels, deliberate touch informs your body about itself in ways that guide future movement with greater ease and grace. And for those clients who want to deepen their understanding of their bodies on an intellectual level, I am happy to share what I know.

Long lasting change.

My intention is to facilitate transformation. As we age we can learn how to live in our bodies in more refined ways, constantly adapting and growing.

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“I once joked with Anne Louise that she has “witchy hands.” What I meant by that was that when she is working on me, I can feel the sensitivity with which she touches my body, and I also mean that her touch is alchemical–it has the power to transform. I have had many hundreds, if not thousands, of massages in my life. I count those I had with Anne Louise as among the most healing. She draws on an array of traditions and tailors her touch to one’s particular circumstances. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Shaka McGlotten, PhD