• Mint Family
    verschiedene Minzsorten kennenlernen 23 May 18Uhr in Berlin VHS Hohenzollerndamm, 10713 BerlinHohenzollerndamm 174, R. 0006 Lehrküche EGThursday 23.05.2024, 18:00 – 21:00Cost: 29,80€ or 21,80€ reduced Die Familie der Minzen bietet eine Palette intensiver Düfte und Geschmacksrichtungen, die hauptsächlich aus den Blättern stammen, die reich an ätherischen Ölen sind. In dieser Sitzung werden wir die Merkmale… Read more: Mint Family
  • Bodywork Appointments Available Now!!!
    Hi Berlin! Need a massage?
  • Winter Spice Blend Class
    Eigene Gewürzmischungen herstellen Mi 06.12.23 at VHS City West Get to know the warming spices used in familiar winter recipes: cinnamon, clove, black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, as well as cumin, coriander, fennel and fenugreek. We’ll learn to recognize and distinguish them and how to blend to our own personal taste. We’ll make a light… Read more: Winter Spice Blend Class
  • Herbal Tea Blending Class
    Kräuterteemischung – selbst hergestellt 17.11.2023 at VHS City West Are you into herbs? Do you drink a lot of herbal tea? Do you often feel like you are just guessing about which herbs to take? This class will help you feel more confident about choosing which herbs to take at any given moment and it… Read more: Herbal Tea Blending Class
  • Meet the Families Series
    Get to know botanical families by hanging out with them in the kitchen! Want to deepen your knowledge of herbalism and plant based cooking? This series will introduce you to the plants as whole living beings, and as members of families. Just as with human families, some plant families have members with an obvious family… Read more: Meet the Families Series